Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2020 – Is This for Beginners?

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As of today, I would like to introduce you to an online training platform that is loaded with Great content, members, and ready-to-go activities for the Average Budding internet Entrepreneur. The Wealthy Affiliate review in 2020 will uncover a great deal of information aimed at helping you make an informed decision as to helping you learn what this training program is all about.

Right now is the time to grab a coffee or drink of choice and a cinnamon coffee crumb cake and let’s dive in to this Review! So, it’s all about wanting to take your Online Business to the next Level, right? So, how do I do that? How can I become an expert at having an online presence and more importantly where do I start?

The First step is to begin the research process of finding a platform that can train you on the process of building a website and showing all the intricate details of how that gets done. This must be a reputable company and based on doing research and seeing what google results bring up.

Also, by perusing through mobile apps based on your search for online website training or whatever keywords you use should generate enough results for you to begin your investigation process. I am providing a Potential solution for you that for starters is AT No Cost! Now, for Full Disclosure, the entry level access is only a TEASER, and you will NOT find Full Value in this portion.

But at least you get to take a peak under the hood so to speak. There is Great value in that in and of itself!

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing Plan

Out of those results, which one of the companies allows you to take a peek inside their platform for a test drive? Hmmm….okay, I bet that narrows down the competition. Ok, next, which one has an affordable pricing plan that does NOT cost tens of thousands of dollars AND matches what you need in terms of building up your skillset?

When these questions get answered, then you know you are getting closer to selecting the Training platform that’s right for YOU!

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When You Know What You Are Looking For, The Answer is Simple

For me, I was already using a training platform that focused on building websites. However, for some reason, I wasn’t being fulfilled and I didn’t know why. I was being charged on a monthly basis and the pricing wasn’t bad, but the problem was they would UPSELL you into trying to purchase more expensive products that you would also need as additional tools for your business.

I wasn’t prepared for it, so I kept searching even though I didn’t really give them the full coverage as far as going through ALL the training modules.

Then, that is when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. The Wealthy Affiliate training platform had it ALL for me at the time. They were the Source that had a Comprehensive package and so far, at the initial onset, I was NOT plastered with up sell promotions and OTO’s (One-Time Offers).

Some people like upsells and OTO’s, but that is not what I am looking for.

The Details, The Journey, The Focus

The Details: What does that mean? For a Beginner, you will need to be very, very, detail-oriented and take SERIOUS notes and then, do outside research of terms and additional studying in order to be comfortable with the content.

I am not saying this is only for College students or someone who left high school with a 3.8 G.P.A., however, unclear terms have to be defined and understood. This must be done before moving further or the confusion will cause you to turn to other things. This is true in the pursuit of Knowledge and getting past a learning curve to conquer a new one.

The beginning will be challenging only because it is new. This also depends on how computer savvy you are. Those that are more savvy will have less of a learning curve than those that are not. As you take these notes, of course, this slows the pace.

However, as you retrace your steps and begin to review what you have learned a few times during the beginning portion, you Automatically set yourself up to build confidence and you become more relaxed and can engage better as you progress through the training. I am a Visual Learner, so thank goodness for videos and pictographs as additional training content.

The Journey: This is not a 1-5 push button operation that shows you a finished product aka your New website that generates profits the next Week! As long as you keep the computer running, and you are actively understanding and doing what is being taught, you can envision yourself getting closer to achieving your 1st goal of at least building a Website which is the first of Many more goals to accomplish.

The BIG part of what may not be HIGHLIGHTED enough is that you have to have the right Mindset and determination to finish when the road ahead is foggy. This is very important as it will determine if you continue to view the training videos and sometimes by attending the Live Training, it is also encouraging to listen to the Expert instructor explain things that bring Clarity to previous training steps you completed thus reinforcing your Learning and increasing your skillset.

In other words, all training on this platform, from my experience, reinforces what was taught previously.

Another Great item to know is that there is a great dynamic in the Learning process at Wealthy Affiliate. The training has 2 Components: 1) Technical and 2) Easy To Learn!!!

So therefore it also answers the question – Is this training for Beginners? Yes? Also, is it easy to Learn? – yes, BUT, you have to apply yourself and study, research and implement. As this process becomes more repetitive, the easier the hill is to climb.

The Focus: This is almost like saving the Best for Last. What I am about to share with you is what I WISH someone would have sat me down and told me about this part. From a Mindset perspective, I have the first two attributes (details and journey Mindset) down like a science.

I already have those attributes embedded in my DNA. However, FOCUS was not included initially. Focus is NEEDED in order to complete the process. Let me repeat that statement. Focus is what is NEEDED in order to COMPLETE the PROCESS!!!

Without Focus, you will scatter and wander aimlessly elsewhere and never return to finish what you started. You need TIME and with that time you have to be LASER-FOCUSED when you are sitting or standing in front of that computer and say to SELF: I am going to this website for Training purposes and complete whatever activities. If along the way, I get sidetracked, I will dust myself off and get back to the training at hand until I complete this lesson for this day.

Rinse and repeat til each objective is completed. Once all lessons are completed, site is up and monetization efforts are in play, it’s just a matter of analyzing results and making modifications where necessary. This is when you are in the Final stages of tracking monetary progress and measuring and improving from there.

So what you have here in Wealthy Affiliate is an advanced Training platform that is in-depth. The site covers sections of building an online site building process as well as an affiliate bootcamp niche site building process as well. The Learning lessons are information packed but not where the videos last hours long.

They are broken down into bite-size chunks of content. The BEST part for me is the Tasks completed checkbox section where you can check off what you have completed. It’s a Multi-faceted Support system in that you receive assistance from the Support team for technical guidance. Training questions are answered by experienced peers as well as the Trainer.


It all boils down to finding a platform that matches ALL of your needs and some of your wants. So, to answer the question again – Is Wealthy Affiliate training for beginners in 2020? Absolutely!! It’s very similar to buying a house. Except that by finding a Great training platform provides you with a bona fide skillset in creating websites and gives you the opportunity to monetize those sites.

Your individual creativity is the missing ingredient. How do you provide that? You provide that with your unique content. After that, your marketing skills will expand as well as your website skills and as you provide value, the targeted visitors will be at your website ready to see what you offer.

If you have ANY questions about the Wealthy Affiliate training platform, please add your questions below and I will be happy to answer them for you.

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