My Review: What Is Wealthy Affiliate Training About

Once again, I am back with another fantastic article review about none other than – WEALTHY AFFILIATE!. From the article title itself, if I were to answer it in short term, I would say WA training is all about learning to become a Copywriter and putting those writing skills to use.

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Then, as you are increasing your writing frequency, then you also get to learn about the additional components that make up building a website. You get into learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). From that BROAD topic, it breaks it down into studying the process of identifying keywords to use as the topic of discussion.

The backend platform called WordPress is another section of study as that is what the website will be built upon for the most part. This is where you can set up your website design by selecting themes, adding widgets and sidebars and organizing your website which is another component of SEO.


I would say first and foremost, that anyone entering into the space of starting an online business should focus on their MINDSET and Expectations. Lets discuss each and really dive into the subject.

MINDSET:  What is mindset? The condition of your Mental state that prepares and conditions you for your actions and reactions. This is MY definition from experience in being a student of learning about Mindset as well as Personal experiences. There is a phrase that says, “That which you think is that which you create”.

So the thoughts of having an online business and being able to make money online sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. However, patience is a key part of it as well as going through the daily learning process. This all takes time. So, then you have to ask yourself, “Am I ok with learning and implementing for however long it takes although no income is being generated”. If you have the internal fortitude to strive forward and keep learning and implementing and helping others as a Service, then the income will be there.

EXPECTATIONS: By definition, it states it is the act or the state of expecting. So, from the beginning of your online business journey it would be best to have NO expectations until you can gain some experience and you have demonstrated that you can produce some type of quality output.

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The next step of expectations is to focus on consistency. Consistent mindset in the respect of watching the Wealthy Affiliate training videos and then completing the action steps. Of course, there will be some questions along the way, just never let that stop you. Next step – Being consistent in writing blog posts and/or emails when you get to that point.

The key is to be all into the Training and willingness to learn and put the learning to action. This process creates the best environment for you to succeed even before you begin.

Consistent Action will then create Reaction

This is where the rubber meets the road. Your actions to produce content on your website will result in google indexing your site. The more google recognizes your content means you are that much closer to getting ranked higher on the search engine results pages (SERP).

Its very similar to a step-building process. However, these are virtual steps and the materials are the words on your web pages. Every piece of information that gets applied to the structure of your website will benefit you in the long-term. So when are creating consistent action, you have developed a systemic approach to working on your online business.

Soon after the website is published and you begin cranking out blog posts and you have done your keyword research, eventually you will attract visitors to your site.

As more visitors arrive, you will eventually attract the ones who want to do business with you as they have formed a liking to your content. At this point, is when you can expect commissions and the process of revenue generation begins. Oooohhh what a Happy Day!

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It will feel Great to reach the point when you have received an online customer who clicked on your affiliate link and made an actual purchase. May they MULTIPLY!!


Throughout this web article, I have drawn out what I perceive will be your Roadmap to entering into the journey of Wealthy Affiliate Training. It has a great community of experienced members and tons of additional training OUTSIDE of the regular training that you will receive. This will cover MOST if not ALL of the different components that deal with online marketing.

So with that said, take your time and focus on what you are planning to do. Take the training and just get started one step at a time. Moving and studying and taking action at your pace.  Do this Consistently and the RESULTS will come.


4 thoughts on “My Review: What Is Wealthy Affiliate Training About

  1. Get the training. I’m telling you don’t think you can get by with all the “Free” resources out there. I spent five years building dashboard destinations thinking with the right amount of dedication and persistence I could make it. I didn’t make a single dollar, until I gave in and got help. yes, I had to pay for it but it was so worth it. Dashboard Destinations is thriving, and I’ve done more is three months than I did in years.

    1. This is very true for me as well. Every free tool or free training I have been exposed to leaves out certain important parts of what is critically needed to succeed.

      Thats why joining WA makes sense. You have so much to gain!

  2. I believe Wealthy Affiliate  is the best platform for building successful online business. They have all the tools and hosting and they have website builder where you can build a website in 30 seconds so you do not need any technical skills or knowledge to build website. You can start as free then upgrade to premium version where you can get more feature like classes and unlock lessons. Never give up until you get the results.

    1. Yes, I highly recommend others to join WA and learn from some of the best Instructors who show you step by step.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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