Stumbling Your Way To Achieve Financial Success

Fail Forward To Success
Fail Forward To Success


In order to provide a method of Long Term Success for improving your Mindset of Financial Freedom, you have to be ready to take a few Learning lessons along the way.

The process of learning how to grow your Business can be a daunting task. Personally, I enjoy the process of learning and taking notes and visualizing the entire
process of what needs to be done.  The stumbling process means that you are learning through numerous failed attempts.

The end result is that through your stumbling efforts will eventually set you on a path to achieve financial success.

However, taking action in your online Business doesn’t easily translate to millions of dollars in profit. Growing an online Business takes a Plan, commitment of execution and improvements along the way.

Once execution is done, then you must track and analyze your results to monitor your progress and continue for ways to improve. This is the Learning process we are going to discuss with you.

Key Points to Consider:

  • Identify The Plan (Overall Business Strategy)
  • Map out the Activities
  • Commit to Action


This word (Consistency) needs to be a BIG FOCUS for your Entrepreneurial journey! It cannot be emphasized enough. My definition of consistency is the act of completing activities on a repetitive basis.

Being consistent develops a Positive habit of completing necessary tasks geared towards the growth of your Business. You must begin the process of taking action – no matter how small you may think the activity/activities may be.

In the beginning, the focus is on building. One activity at a time. It could be writing your first blog post, video, or audio version of content. Or it could be adding images or videos to your website or working on an email campaign.

Its not enough to complete one task and turn away from your website and think that is all that is needed to be done. You will need to develop a set of activities from the beginning that details all the initial steps that need to be done and follow through with them in a orderly process..

Or better yet, have an Instructor SHOW you the actual steps you need to take. In addition, you need a platform that you can go to for asking questions to cover the mysterious questions you may have.

PRIME Example of Instructor-led Learning is right here ====> Develop Your Consistency By Joining WA


So once you are completing tasks on a steady basis, you now need to focus on reviewing the work you have done and see what results have been made. Since you are at the beginning phase, no expectations should be made at this point.

This is just to see what comments have been made on your website or maybe you were fortunate to have some conversions made into your landing page.


Celebration of Achievements

Whatever results you have should be analyzed and now you have to track the results. You have to look at the quantity of work over a period of time. Based on that work, what did it produce?

What if it produced nothing? That is the learning Lesson that indicates you have more work to do. What if I received negative comments on my blog post? Negative comments are part of the process. Learn to dodge negative emotional bullets so they don’t infect you emotionally.

Learn to downplay anoyone who emits negativity towards your Business output. You are focused on building an Online Business and this is not a Popularity contest.  You will also learn that every visitor is not an ideal prospect/customer.

You can decide to monitor comments before they are posted on your site. Or you can accept all comments both good and bad. The focus at this phase is to simply review, measure and improve your work results at this time.

So, for example, say that your goal is to build a website and you want to generate organic traffic by adding content that encourages visitors to join a membership, or purchase product/service. You created 3 blog posts in 30 days and you had a total of 20 visitors and no memberships as of yet and $0 revenue.

Should you get discouraged? Will this lead you to quit if you get similar results in the future? My recommendation is to stay away from ANY Emotional Highs or Lows during the onset of your online Business. Emotions will not serve you as to what you are trying to build. This is ALL about the numbers.

Now, its time to improve your results that you have reviewed. This is where you SEEK for answers that you may already know.   This is also the time when you ask questions to improve upon in the next round of consistent activities.

So, you may ask yourself, how long will it take before I can get 40 visitors? How many blog posts and offers do I need to create so I can capture my first Lead? Once you have provided enough content, how long will it take before I get my 1st sale or commission?

In addition, what do I need to improve upon that will INCREASE  my conversion rates so that my Message gets in front of the Right Audience? How can I improve upon selecting better keywords?

Answers to these questions will allow you to formulate another game plan for consistency of NEW activities. Now, all you need to do is repeat a new set of activities and track, measure improve upon those results as well.


Your online Business journey will be filled with UPS and downs. The level of importance you set on this endeavor will determine how you navigate through any and all obstacles. Some pitfalls you will see, and some you will not see. The more you can build your emotional intelligence, the quicker you will be able to bounce back and keep moving.

I encourage all those that seek to improve their lifestyle and those who want to add additional streams of income to continue to find ways to continue stumbling to achieve Financial success. You need to understand that through failing and correcting is how you learn to get better.

It sounds crazy however it is very true. Each time you set a goal, the process will get better as you learn and implement what you have learned. All you have to do is repeat the process I have stated and modify accordingly. The key is consistency.

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