The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing As An Online Business

When it comes to starting an online business, initially, everyone thinks of ALL the benefits that come along with it. In reality, it is about staying consistent during the early phases of growing your business endeavor. The early phase does not have a specific timeframe attached to it.

Ok, that’s my ONLY rant of CAUTION towards anyone looking to add an income stream to their overall Financial system. So, with that out of the way, lets dive in and see what’s all in store as you head down this journey of creating a business online.

In this blog post, we will discuss Affiliate Marketing as the model of choice. Now there are several others online models that work, however, I am more than likely always targeting the audience of beginners.

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As I began my Entrepreneurial journey, I always wanted someone to discuss a particular process with no FLUFF, no BS, which if interested, I could weigh the pros and cons to see if that opportunity fits what I could potentially turn into something valuable.


AS you begin this process of uncovering what is available on the broad ocean of information called the internet and other resource materials, you will begin to migrate to one particular area ahead of the others. The key is to avoid influence from other people. It is important to be SELFISH in uncovering the right Category/niche that you like and then develop some sort of attraction/passion for it.

This is what will allow you to outlast other beginner entrepreneurs ONLY after or chasing MONEY or even FAST Cash. There may be more than area you want to become involved with. Start with one area before looking into anything else and you will not only save money, you will save TIME and Effort which is irreplaceable.



First, let’s discuss what is affiliate Marketing?? As an affiliate Marketer, you find companies that you would like to promote their products/services and find out if they have an affiliate program. If so, you would simply complete the process to become an affiliate for them and they provide you with affiliate links and any other items to promote.

You can then build a website and begin sharing information on your website or social media channels and showcase your affiliate links. When and if someone clicks and makes a purchase on your affiliate link, you get paid a commission based on the affiliate program of the company you are promoting.



The first benefit I would like to mention is the little to no cost of entry. If someone wanted to start out completely free, they could initially begin the affiliate marketing process by finding a company’s products/services to promote and complete the process. Once they have included you as part of their affiliate program, you could simply begin on social media and include your links with your content.

When I first started, I was told you needed a website, but maybe that was because social media was not as popular as it is now. I’m not sure. However, this affiliate marketing business can be started with no cost.

The next benefit to mention is that if someone purchases from your affiliate link and they have questions or want a refund or dissatisfied with something, they contact the company and not you. We are only responsible for marketing the products/services of said Company and that’s it.

The last benefit is that this can be done in as little or as much time as you deem appropriate. The Company has no say or control over the direction of your marketing efforts. You have complete freedom and creativity in that regard. They do have rules and regulations to some degree but not how you should do the Marketing of your business. This is not a job, this is an Entrepreneurial opportunity.


Disadvantages To Affiliate Marketing

If you consider learning and spending time and putting action to what you learned as a Disadvantage then that would be one. Another disadvantage is that the percentage may not be the LION’s share of the cost of the product. However, consider that marketing is the only role for which the affiliate marketer is assigned.



Life is all about Pros and Cons. Life is full of UPS and downs. For me, I have thoroughly cherished the Positive moments way more than the bad ones. Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative income stream for you if you can stay focused and commit to completing the necessary actions of promoting to the right audience with the right keywords and structure in place.

My main company that I promote is called Wealthy Affiliate. They have been around for several years and they teach you the ins and outs of not only how to succeed in Affiliate marketing but in promoting your own business as well.

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All that I can do is deliver content and show others what could be possible. Hope this information was helpful for those who are pursuing an online business venture without a huge financial commitment. This could be and should be the biggest BENEFIT of starting an online business.

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